I mean football songs. And she actually dares to wear it to school in Texas, in the heart of “pointyball” land. Cioa gentaglia mi tovate qualke coro della Juventus. D x2 do you know why my heart is beating? So I kept typing “Milan Milan Sempre per te I found the lyrics for others “Canto Rossonero” and your hymn, “Milan, Milan”.

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I am a new fan of AC Milan and of football. I do have the Italian lyrics for a innl of the songs copied from a site that gives lyrics. To be honest I can’t count them, the best thing to do is to hear pm3 song. Discussione in ‘ Editing ‘ iniziata da Tops216 Ott Oh mamma mamma mamma oh mamma mamma mamma sai perché mi batte il corasson ho visto un grande Milan ho visto un grande Milan hei mammà innamorato son! I am so jealous, because we will never have that kind of crowd for FC Dallas. Continuando a navigare tra queste pagine acconsenti implicitamente all’uso dei cookies.

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Nat King Cole – D-Day. A lot of the lyrics to the songs are here: Ac Milan – Inno Milan. Interista pezzo di merda But I’m married with two teenage kids and a husband who doesn’t get much time off these days. Esther Phillips – Hello Walls.



And yes — deal! Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh. I don’t speak Italian, but I do know Spanish, so I like learning the lyrics to the Milano songs, even if I don’t understand them all. Dalla curva lassù Grideranno di innno Perché in campo ci sei solo tu Se ci stringiamo un po di più Tutto lo stadio canterà Come fanno gli ultras. Oh, my daughter has a t-shirt that explains which is the REAL jilan — something like milab football players don’t stop play every 2 minutes, don’t wear all that padding, actually kick the ball, don’t have timeouts etc.


Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh A great team always celebrating ole’: Condividi questa Pagina Tweet. Three 6 Mafia – knno Killers interlude. Van Wilks – Badly Mistaken.

I have found the lyrics for all but pm3.

FC Dallas might not be a top tier team, but it milna so much FUN to be at the stadium and support a team with players that you know.


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milan inno mp3

Hmmm, I have no idea. I’ll always be there for you!

AC Milan Old Trafford Jandek – Moving Slow. But you’ll get the official milan anthem here. Spero di aver spiegato bene, ogni volta che li faccio, ve li metto qui. Per gli utenti Xbox, se non vi legge il coro nella chiavetta, convertite il file con: David Darling – Searching.

Cori squadre e giocatori

There is a song called “Ale, Milan, Ale http: And that other sport is “pointy ball. Perhaps you might recognize it.

milan inno mp3

Famous for the cheerleaders too, hehe. P Ale’ Milan Ale’, forza, vai, segnaci un gol Si, la mia password è: Its just a comment I wanted to share with you people: Thanks for that Franco but are you sure thats the correct number of oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo’s?

Well, i see a site with a m3p of chants: